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A few disclaimers: Castle Soodalkov is a private residence. There's a cat here, so beware if you have allergies (or don't like kitties). No smoking on premises. Vegetarian meals will be provided but we don't have the means to cater to other kinds of dietary restrictions, sorry about that. But you can use the fridge and the kitchen. Castle Soodalkov, its land, and the surrounding area has opportunities for adventure, but please take care to not injure yourself for we are not responsible for any injuries/deaths that may take place during your stay (unlikely and god forbid but just in case). There will be 2 people per regular room, one person in the tiny room. You may get the tiny room, you may be housed with a person of a different gender. No harassment or hateful treatment of the guests and residents at Castle Soodalkov will be tolerated. Castle Soodalkov is an inclusive house! We have a lot of patience, but we reserve the right to ask you to leave, without a refund. Unlikely to happen unless you really make an ass of yourself. We don't share or sell your information with anyone else, but this form *does* get routed through our Gmail. If you checked the box without reading the disclaimer we claim ownership of your soul and will donate it to science.

Winter Game Developer Retreat at Castle Soodalkov Application Form! 

Want to work on your game with other devs in the wilds of the Methow Valley? You'll stay in Castle Soodalkov, just 1.5 miles from authentically western Withrop, Washington. Winter is a fine season to be in Methow Valley, with a gleaming white landscape and heaps of snowy activities. It’s bitterly cold, but the sun is shining and the air is calm and dry - perfect for outdoor winter fun and cozy evenings by a warm stove with new friends.

January 17th - 20th, 2019. $75 (just to cover basic cleanup & food expenses), 2 people to a regular room, one in the teeny-tiny room.  Home cooked vegetarian dinners (unless everyone likes meat!), breakfast provided as well.  5 person limit, single/2 person teams preferred. 

Important for winter travel:

You WILL need snow tires out here. You can’t get up the paved hill to our house, or even safely navigate Downtown without them. Please keep this in mind as you apply.

Hosted by Dustin and Masha Soodak-Falkov at our house (we're making the game Unstable Scientific).