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Masha Falkov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Her family immigrated to New York in the early 80s in a stroke of luck when they were given an exit visa. Her parents always recount their first foray into a supermarket after living in the USSR their whole lives - a transcendent, almost psychedelic experience.  Almost every day she was reminded of how lucky she was, what a feast it was on the table.  There were many weekends spent going to museums and simply enjoying the richness of opportunity not afforded to them in their former country.  

  Her mom is an artist, too, painting almost ritual-like surrealist works, and thanks to her Masha doesn't remember ever not drawing.  Masha Falkov studied a wide range of topics in New College of Florida - biology, electronic music and anthropology, not settling on art as a major until the last two years.  Professor Barry Freedland encouraged her to think conceptually for the first time, leading to works like the Post-Psychedelic Cyberpunk Tarot and Cyborg Altar.

Her ink art explores the sheer diversity of things there are to explore in the world and expresses the wonder and richness of it all.  Her digital art explores the relationship humans have between technology and nature, and our attempt to bridge the two together as we've migrated into a more indoor existence.  The kinds of realms that computers allow us to explore are different, yet on the other hand, they can help us appreciate nature more, too.  And the worlds we create with computers are reflections of ourselves, just like anything we do in the physical world.